Restaurant of the Week: The Downtown Club

Posted by DFP Staff

When The Downtown Club announced that their doors would be closing last spring you could feel the entire district say “Oh, bummer.” and really mean it.  People were calling our office, desperate to find a new meeting location or place for a good business lunch.  While this provided us the opportunity to share the other gems in downtown with these folks, we had to figure out a new spot for our next board meeting as well.

However, the bummer-fog has lifted, The Downtown Club is back and is no longer members-only.  So you can leave your jackets at home, bring a friend and enjoy one of the most amazing spaces in downtown Fresno.


We didn’t just add this photo because we try to have a weekly shot of Gretchen looking mischievous, but rather to showcase the all of the natural light in the dining room.  Gorgeous.


Mitch ordered the Club Sandwich on wheat and chose pilaf as his side.  Yum!


Kate’s Grilled Chicken Fatoush Salad.  She said it was the best fatoush she’s ever had.  Call us immature, but the word fatoush makes us giggle a little and sing Queen.


Gretchen ordered hers within seconds of the waitress saying “Our specials today are the Salmon BLT…”  The sandwich was just as delicious as it sounded.


Steve’s Club Sandwich, with fries.  Those fries- AMAZING.


Rocio ordered the Shrimp Fetuccini- starring :::drumroll please::: TIGER shrimp.


Kim’s Veggie Entree.  She was the first one to join the Clean Plate Club.  It was perfect.

You can see their menu here.  And once you’re unable to contain yourself any longer and the cravings are just too great, get your fatoush down to Downtown Club!

2120 Kern Street, Fresno, CA 93726
Telephone: 559-233-2140

(And if you’ve always been curious about what it looks like inside, take the opportunity to take it all in at the Fulton Mall Project Workshop that will take place there on Wed. 10/16 at 10:00 AM.)


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