Downtown Sandwich Roundup

Posted by DFP Staff

With Deli Delicious opening a downtown location this week, we were talking through all of the great sandwiches you can find in Downtown Fresno.

Dudes, there are a lot.

So here’s a roundup of the sandwich offerings to be found throughout our urban core.

Deli Delicious

Mushrooms and Roast Beef, photo from Deli Delicious’ Facebook.

Today is the opening day of Deli Delicious, a Fresno-based sandwich empire. People go nuts over their sandwiches, and with good reason! We’ll take a #21, thanks! You can find them at the corner of Tulare and N Street.

The Packing Shed

“The Natural” with potato salad at The Packing Shed

The Packing Shed is a downtown staple, spoken of in hushed tones and with great reverence. There are no words for the heaven about to pass through your lips.  2119 Merced Street.

Mabel’s Kitchen

The portabella panini at Mabel’s hits the spot.

We’ve said it again and again, Mabel’s is amazing. If you’re looking for crunchy, crispy, gooey goodness these paninis with their house-made bread will hit the spot.  2134 Kern Street.

Duke’s Downtown Sandwiches

The Super Sub- ham, turkey, salami, roast beef and capicola.

An office favorite, Duke’s makes some solid subs and their Philly cheese steak is to die for. The owner, Justin Dukes, is one of the nicest sandwich slingers we’ve ever met. 1920 Tulare.

Breakfast Hut


Though they’re a breakfast joint, you can get some pretty good sandiwches from them. We can’t believe we don’t have a photo of their sandwiches on hand- Kim alone has eaten her own weight in their BLT’s, but by the time we think of snapping a pic the bacon is usually hanging unattractively from her mouth. We asked about the Monte Cristo last time we were in- unlike a traditional fried Monte Cristo, they use french toast for bread.  Let’s go over that again. FRENCH TOAST FOR BREAD. Mic Drop. 915 Van Ness.

Big D’s Tri Tip

photo 6
Big D’s Bacon, Turkey and Avocado. Yum!

Big D’s is a spot you might not discover unless someone tells you about it- or you’re stuck at the hospital for a few days. Located on a teensy weentsy triangular lot at Divisidero and Tuolumne this place is perfect for anyone visiting family at CRMC, doctors, nurses, or anyone with a stomach. Seriously, the sandwiches are GOOD. Fresh ingredients and plentiful sandwich fillings make this spot unforgettable. 1950 E Divisadero St.

The Downtown Club

Downtown Club. Club.

That masterpiece is the Downtown Club’s Club. Seriously, that’s just one sandwich. We’re not sure how we even unhinged our jaws to fit it in, but trust us, we did. Plus, the fries are AMAZING. 2120 Kern Street.

Joe’s Steakhouse


When you think of Joe’s you probably are headed there with one goal in mind- a great steak. They have some delightful sandwiches, though. We have good information that their french dip has turned vegetarians into meat eaters! (And likewise, many an omnivore has found bliss in the Veggie Delight.) 831 Van Ness.

Parsley Garden

Salivating yet? We are over this Parsley garden BLT.

Another craveable BLT, Parsley Garden also has a pretty good Tuna sandwich that as an office we’ve been known to chow down on at our desks. 1237 Fulton Mall.

La Torta

Adobada torta at La Torta

The torta is basically the king of all sandwiches.  Think of all of the stuff you want in a burrito and then throw it on some bread. La Torta makes some incredible tortas (wouldn’t it be ironic if they didn’t?) like this adobada masterpiece. Inside the Galleria at 2405 Capitol St.


The cubana at Antojitos isn’t just a sandwich, it’s a life affirming decision.

Like La Torta, Antojitos offers some serious torta goodness. Order a cubana to go and you may sprain your wrist carrying it out- they’re HUGE and filled with everything delicious under the sun. Chorizo, bacon, ham, egg- it’s all in there! 1234 Fulton Mall.



We went to Cosmo and didn’t get any shots of our food. Use your imagination. Just imagine sandwiches astuffed to the brim with bbq beef or meatballs. There’s a reason Cosmopolitan is packed during the lunch hour- everyone in downtown is trying to get their teeth into a hot pastrami or cosmo special. 1546 Fresno Street.

Saigon Deli

l (1)
Photo “borrowed” from Yelper Umar R. (Who is also a blogger we follow. Click the pic to check it out!)

Vietnamese sandwiches are pretty darned delicious, they combines the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine with the French influence in the country and as a result you get a unique sandwich with pickled veggies, a variety of meats, cilantro and wrapped in a baguette. Saigon Deli’s Banh Mi Thit Nuong (pork sandwich) is a flavor explosion that you simply have to experience.

Goodfellas Deli Italia

Italian sausage sandwich from Goodfellas

People dining at Goodfellas are probably there to enjoy the pasta, but sandwich lovers can rejoice- the Italian sausage and chicken sandwiches are so good! Melty cheese and their irresistible marinara make this a winning choice! 2405 Capitol St.

Kocky’s Bar and Grill

The Buffalo Rooster at Kocky’s.

Kocky’s is known for their wings, but you can actually get them enveloped into a sandwich with the Buffalo Rooster! Do yourself a favor and order a side of sweet potato fries to go with it.  Just do it.  1231 Van Ness.

Club One

From the Club One website, we present to you the Turkey Croissant. Collective OMG’s could be heard from all around.

The one thing you won’t have to gamble on at Club One Casino is the sandwich menu. Shrimp Po Boys, Pulled Pork, or the Turkey Club- you can’t go wrong. 1033 Van Ness.

Downtown Bistro

l (2)
Swiped from Yelper ImLookingatU

With a varied menu at Downtown Bistro, you can get everything from a grilled cheese to a Mediterranean lulu sandwich!  901 L Street.

…and of course we can’t forget Quizno’s at 2325 Kern Street or the four Subway sandwich restaurants in downtown (one is even inside CRMC!). Admit it, even sammy-snobs sometimes have a hankerin’ for a 5. 5 dollar. 5 dollar footlong. or a honey bourbon chicken.

So go out, sandwich adventurers, and be fed! Welcome to the neighborhood, Deli Delicious!



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