The Friday Five: A nod to Mabel’s Grand Opening

Posted by Kim Leonard

You may remember our blog about Mabel’s Kitchen from last July. It was so delicious and we were all impressed with everything- except…

…the location. Mabel’s was originally located inside Tuolumne Hall just on the other side of the Tuolumne overpass and it wasn’t walkable from our office.  When we find a place we love we give it ultra extra bonus points if it is located within walking distance.

Lucky for us and our outlandish demands, Mabel’s moved to Kern Street in January. It’s a great location right next to the Downtown Club in the old Kern Street Coffee space and the smell of fresh baked bread and paninis draws the lunch crowd in from the street. No, seriously, it reminds me of those cartoons where the fragrance wafts out and turns into hands… you know like this:


So all of that said, Mabel’s is celebrating their grand opening today (3/7) from 11-1 and we’d like to give you 5 reasons to put a trip to Mabel’s at the top of your to-do- list.


1. The paninis. Obviously you’d want the very best paninis from a panini shop. Mabel’s, you always pull through.


2. The bread.  See all that bread up on the counter? Made fresh by Susan (in the baseball cap) in house. It’s no normal boring bread, either. We’re talking about fancy stuff like pickled pepper bread.


3. That macaroni salad. If you don’t want to crave it all the time I’d suggest just never ordering it to begin with.  You will not be able to stop yourself. Of course, that would be very serious deprivation if you chose not to indulge. Best just to give in to your obvious lack of self-control when it comes to the best macaroni salad you’ll ever taste.


4. The baked goods. Not only is the bread amazing, but you can also get little mini loaves of sweet, sometimes fruity breads for a nice dessert. There’s always something in the cookie jar, too.


5. The paninis. I’m sorry, wasn’t I clear before? You want this in your mouth now.

Visit Mabel’s at 2134 Kern Street or call your order in for pick up-  559.681.2463.



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