Zombies on the Mall?!

Posted by Fulton Corridor

I’ve seen some strange things in my time, when you’re the thing that everyone walks, rides and drives on you certainly have a different perspective from most. However, I was nearly scared out of my concrete aggregate ribbons this afternoon!  When you’re as old as me (Remember I go way back, all the way to J street!) there’s not much that can evoke such surprise and shock, but today I came boot-to-concrete with the undead.


Actually, I was able to gather from a conversation I overheard that he’s local musician Kornbred Miller dressed up in frightening garb to create some buzz for Haunted Fresno, with which he’s played a brain-hungry zombie with for 6 years.  He certainly had me fooled!

In other, entirely unrelated, news- If you’d like to talk about my upcoming cosmetic procedures and have a say in my future don’t miss one of the many Fulton Mall Project workshops happening this week.  Please- just don’t make me up like a zombie, I’ll leave the spine-chilling ghoul get-ups up to the folks like Kornbred at Haunted Fresno!

Click on the image to enlarge.

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