Restaurant of the Week: Mabel’s Kitchen/Dolce Cucina

Posted by DFP Staff


This week we went out for Restaurant of the Week on a Tuesday instead of a Friday for a few reasons.  First of all, It was a holiday week and with Thursday being swallowed whole by 4th of July we knew a Friday lunch date just wouldn’t work.  Second, we have all been absolutely salivating over the images all over Mabel’s Kitchen’s Facebook page and wanted to get in on the yummy panini and bierock action but they’re only open Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It was fate that we’d end up there this week, we’re telling you!


Mabel’s is located at 1445 Tuolumne and you probably would have no clue it was there if you didn’t go looking.  Seriously, it’s on the other side of the overpass with all the warehouses, nestled inside of Tuolumne Hall with a few banners on the fences to let you know you’ve found your way to sandwich glory. We all piled into Kim’s momstyle-SUV again and made our way there.


We were greeted with Rogue Festival favorites Spencer Morris Group playing music for the lunch hour.  (Kim let us know that she learned how to play saxophone from Randy Morris.  Too bad you’d never know by the way she plays now…)  They played their song Downtown Fresno Blues, which we got super stoked about and decided to make a video to.  Also, we kind of lost Mitch for a second there, as you’ll see.

And now, onto THE FOOD!


Cole ordered the cucumber tomato salad, which everyone was instantly jealous of.


Rocio had The Cuban and potato salad!  YUM!


Gretchen had a turkey that had some of the prettiest melty cheese ever.  It tasted just as good as it looked!


Kim ordered a portabella and tomato without pesto or cheese.  She’ll be back for more next tuesday.


Kim’s awesome mom Carol joined us for lunch and ordered the bierocks, a food she remembers from her childhood.


Mitch also had bierocks, but he added Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes to his order.  Again, JEALOUS!


While we were eating we were brought pickled peppers and pickles to try.  We loved them, the flavor was out of this world!


Kim, however didn’t get the memo that they weren’t lips.

Mabel’s was great and because we all ordered whole sandwiches we had plenty to take back to the office with us for mid-afternoon snacks!  Head down to Mabel’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays, trust us, you’ll love them!  You can view their menu here.

UPDATE 1/8/14- Mabel’s will be re-opening in their new location at 2143 Kern Street in mid-January.


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