Friday Five- Ways to give in to your sweeter side

Posted by Kim Leonard

Welcome to our new feature- the Friday Five!  Don’t worry, we’re still going to be serving you Restaurant of the Week but we’ll probably post those on like, Wednesdays.  Some day that doesn’t interfere with the generically-geared alliterative allure of Friday Five in Fresno.  Fuh-reals, this fantastic fabrication isn’t fiction!

What is the Friday Five?  Well, I could just be honest and say “A really lazy way to generate blog content”.  My own slothful nature aside, the Friday Five is actually a really great tool for targeting basic human needs and showing how they can be met with a quick trip downtown.

Today we’re tackling the most basic need on the planet- I think I’ve only met one or two people who haven’t been affected by this at some time or another, and really at that point I doubt they’re even human anymore.

That is the cry of the sweet tooth.

One can be sitting innocently, pretending to work while Google-ing slowed down versions of famous songs when suddenly BAM!  The craving for something yummy intensely takes hold and doesn’t let go.

Here are five of our favorites in the office to satiate the sweet beast (and get us off the internet, ugh!).


1. Yogurt Etc.:  You saw that one coming.  We’re addicts.  We heard that people even go in the morning and put granola on top of their frozen yogurt and call it breakfast, which is pretty brilliant.  The swirly goodness, the mountain of frozen glory with a sprinkle capped peak, the squish of food that you don’t actually have to chew if you don’t want to- this is what makes life living.


2. Teazer: 3 words: Cherry Monk’s Blend.  I’m not even gonna say anything else, if you don’t know why this is mind blowingly good and how it can squash any craving I don’t even wanna talk to you.  Go to Teazer.  Now.


3. Kogetsu-Do Confectionery: My love for this place was revived a few weeks ago when we had our little adventure in Chinatown.  Kogetsu-Do has been in business for over 100 years making authentic mo nju and mochi.  What the heck is mochi?  It is heaven wrapped in ricecake.  You can get your mochi with a fruit filling or with ice cream inside.  Yum!  I love this place because you can bring your gluten free buddies and they can indulge too!


4. Mabel’s: Mabel’s used to be located in a funky location on Tuolumne on the other side of the hill of doom (you laugh, but have you ever tried to trek that thing on foot or by bike?!) and we went and fell in love.  Then we got hit with the best news ever- they were moving to Kern Street!  Sure they may be a breakfast and lunch panini shop, but goodies abound.  Honestly, I don’t think Susan can help herself.  She just makes such delicious pastries, breads and cookies that she has to share them with the world.  That’s why there are always Triple Chocolate Brownies and “Something from Susan’s Cookie Jar” on their menu.  I haven’t tried the cookies but I’ve had the brownies.  She brought a whole pan of them to our office once and I ate half of it myself, so I can vouch for their deliciousness.


5. Peeve’s: Shut up, we know we gab too much about Peeve’s.  But dang, they cover all of the bases so we can’t just ignore their good work.  There is a rotating display of something yummy right there at the bar to tempt you almost every day.  Yesterday it was bags of cookies (SNICKERDOODLE, my first true love!) and gluten free cakes, but I diligently kept my hand steady on my Kale Caesar salad from the market… you know having only a few bucks in your pocket is a great way to keep from buying all of the things.  In the Market side you can buy a pint of ice cream from Rosa Brothers, or if you’re looking to snack healthier grab the Barney Butter.  Almond butter is so good.  Also worth mentioning is RawFresno’s granola and dried fruits.

Here’s a bonus tip– If you’re actively trying to stop those cravings before they get the best of you (and honestly, at any of these places, I truly do me the best…) try Raizana’s ChaiTeasfaction- a tea designed to help curb your appetite and help you get through.

So with that, I say “You’re welcome” and I’ll hit you again next Friday with 5 more things.


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