When the Kate’s Away the Staff Will Play… uh, we mean work really really hard.

Posted by DFP Staff

So Kate has been on vacation for a few weeks.  We’ve really worked super hard and haven’t goofed off at all while she’s been out of the office.

At all.

We certainly didn’t dress up in Christmas hats…


Or do yoga in the office…


Or have a sing-along staff meeting…

Or run around town impersonating her…

“Kate” giving guidance to our intern, Angel.
“Kate” knows how to keep it cool on Kern Street!
“Kate” gets really excited about Catacomb with John Esquivel!

…and we most certainly did not give ourselves raises while she was gone. (which we awkwardly turned down…) Because that would be wrong.

Come back to us, Kate!  We miss you.

Also… we lied about lying about getting stuff done and leading you to believe we didn’t accomplish much.  We totally rocked it out the last few weeks.  Instead of inundating you with all of the great things we accomplished (SO MANY THINGS!!!!) we’re just gonna leave you with one awesome nugget: Membership information is up on the website!  You can be part of DFP now even if you’re out of the district!  



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  1. I love love love it!!!! Awsome!!!! Sitting here and can’t stop laughing!!!

  2. Hilarious! Where can I get my Kate mask? We needed to clone her! This probably as close as we can get for now!

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