I’m in a relationship- with my downtown

Posted by Cole Judge


Are you a single downtowner (or dare I say, hipster)? Do you still love to go on dates? Or just live romantically, in general? Well, not only would Maya Angelou would approve of your romantic lifestyle, but you’ve come to the right blog. While I like to think that I came up with the idea of going on dates with a city, it seems that Carrie from Sex and the City is the one who usually gets the credit. Regardless of its origin, I think everyone should go on dates with their city, by themselves. It is one of my favorite traditions! Here are some sample itinerary dates for you and Downtown Fresno. Go ahead. Date.

“Live a life of daily romance.” –Maya Angelou, New Orleans 2009

Below are some “Dates with the City” for the Single Person in Downtown Fresno::


  1. Wino Wednesday: Buy yourself flowers, aromatherapy essential oils, and fresh strawberries at the Kern Street Farmer’s Market from 9am-2pm. Eat some lunch at Sushi Hana or Kocky’s. Walk around Civic Center Square and catch up with your girlfriends on the phone. Then drink some Teazer chai in the shade as you curl up with a book. Wander over to the Kern Street Gift Shoppe for unique gifts. Maybe get a journal there and start journaling about how sweet downtown is, or start sketching the stock of historic buildings along the Fulton Mall. Too hot out for any more walking? Get some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Etc. They are super friendly and a brand new downtown business. Meet some friends for dinner at Joe’s Steakhouse or Duke’s Sandwiches and then go to a Grizzlies Game where they have Wine Glass Wednesdays!yoga
  2. Thursday Thrift and Gourmet: Take the day off. You need some balance… and by balance, I mean fashion. Begin the day by either sleeping in or catching the newly offered sunrise yoga class (6am) at COIL Yoga. Ride your bike around downtown. No air in your tires? Need some tuning? No problem. Bring your bike to Fulton Cycle Works (or buy a new Public Bike) to get ready for your day of fashion. Go visit Ralph at Fulton Shoes to get hand-crafted, individually designed sandals made just for you. After the 11am opening time, buy yourself some sweet threads approved by Emily and Alvaro at Misc Trading Company. (Start following them on instagram now to see what’s hip and in stock). Wander across the street to Cart Hop on the Fulton Mall for some food truck goodness (10am to 2pm). Say hi to your friends at Fresno Brewing Company, the café/bar where everyone knows your name. Then bike down to Yoshi Now for some more thrifting. Maybe you have to buy  an extra bag to carry all your finds. That’s okay, you are supporting downtown. Head home to costume yourself up in your new threads and then head back downtown for Art Hop (if it’s the first Thursday of the month). Be the hipster you’ve always wanted to be.revive
  3. Revive and Restore Friday: Book a massage, facial and wax at Sheer Bliss Studio. Stephanie always has specials, so sign up for her newsletter to get the full scoop. Then go to Revive Café for lunch with an organic smoothie or iced organic vanilla coffee. Then meander to the Loft Salon for a cut and color. Bonus: the massages continue with a scalp massage as your hair is washed. As you continue to glow, indulge even more with Restorative Yoga at COIL at 5:45pm. Your body will thank you. All levels are welcome as most of the poses are on the ground. And don’t fret, you go-getter, Pitta types, it really will have an impact on your body and well-being. Class ends at 7pm. Go home, drink plenty of water and sleep! Or, if you’re feeling really romantic, visit the summer concert series in the patio of Arte Americas and just be sure to drink some water with your wine.

Update 1/22/14- Revive cafe is no longer located in Downtown Fresno.  For something fresh and delicious check out Peeve’s Public House and Local Market!

Update 2/3/14- Sushi Hana is no longer open, but Umi Sushi has opened in the same location.  FBC is now the home of Peeve’s. Revive has relocated to Organic Fresno and we now have 80/20 Nutrition Bar in its location.


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