80/20 Nutrition Bar

Posted by Steve Skibbie

photo 3

Something new is on Broadway, this time over at the Broadway Lofts. I just returned from visiting the brightly painted cafe downstairs at 1807 Broadway St., where friends Mario and Silvestre have launched the 80/20 Nutrition Bar.

photo 1

These two affable health and wellness coaches relocated to Fresno from the Bay Area after graduating business school with a strong desire to help others reduce their own physical proportions through nutrition and exercise. In their business name, the proportions 80/20 mean 80% nutrition and 20% fitness, their focus. They offer smoothies, energy teas, protein snacks and more, all under the Herbalife brand.

photo 5

Mario, Silvestre and associate Len also provide “boot camp” style fitness training, coaching and nutrition advice.

Mario says he’s very hopeful for their new downtown business, the location has plenty of tenants. Their neighbor upstairs was excited to learn of a new place to get tea everyday and more in the neighborhood and beyond are learning about 80/20.

photo 4

Both Mario and Silvestre say they are discovering more options for people in downtown and enjoy being part of the growing community of residents and businesses.



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