Restaurant of the Week: Kocky’s Bar & Grill

Posted by DFP Staff


This week Restaurant of the Week took us to one of our rockstar businesses, Kocky’s.  We say they’re rockstars because they are totally engaged, attend networking events and restaurant meetings, have a really great active Facebook presence and they go above and beyond to make the experience memorable and user-friendly by having an “Order Online” option.  Plus their happy hour rocks.


Seriously, we wanted to change it to “Happy Hour of the Week”, but weren’t sure that was the “professional” thing to do.


So we ordered water and soft drinks like good staff members…


Gretchen really played up the angel thing.  Is that a real halo?


Here’s a shot of Gretchen taking a picture of Kim.


Because this is apparently what Kim looks like when she’s taking pictures of Gretchen.

And then the food came out.  Thank goodness.  It was about that time that we remembered we were supposed to be having our staff meeting over lunch, too.


Gretchen ordered the Turkey Burger and reported on some of the really cool partnerships we have in the works for fall.


Rocio ordered a Buffalo Rooster sandwich and spoke about some of the vendor contract stuff she’s been updating.


Mitch had a half order of wings and told all about our newest Ambassador, Sergio, who will be joining the team next week!


Kim ordered two baskets of fries- regular and sweet potato because she was totally indecisive.  She regrets nothing.


She also got out of reporting what she’s been up to because she pulled antics like licking the sauce off of the paper when they were all gone.  When the e-newsletter hits everyone’s inboxes next week or they check the blog they’ll be able to see what she’s been doing anyway.


And then we walked off our lunch by stopping at Fashion Flair and doing a little shopping.

Kocky’s was GOOD.  The food was fresh and prepared with a lot of care.  The waitress was excellent and attentive, the music was good and the dining room was fun to be in with the bright colors and corrugated metal.  It was a really good way to spend our staff meeting/lunch.

Kocky’s is located at 1231 N Van Ness and is open 11am-8:00pm M-F.  Keep that in mind for the next Grizzlies game you go to- Happy Hour is 3-7 daily.


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  1. I’d love to see our downtown come back to life! Kocky’s Sounds like a great place but what about parking? Do you have any suggestions? I found it difficult to find parking for the Carthop and almost abandoned the whole notion of attending. Also I would love to see an Irish Pub back in downtown Fulton area. My Husband and I were very sad when the last one closed.

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