The Boat Shoppe Gets an Update

If you’ve driven down Ventura lately you may have noticed a change or two to The Boat Shoppe.

Earlier this month the former yellow, bright blue, and gray building received a fresh coat of paint and a new color.

We stopped in to talk with Bruce, owner of The Boat Shoppe, about the changes and find out a little more about his unique store.

Located at 2125 Ventura Ave., The Boat Shoppe offers a variety of services for the outdoor enthusiast. The 32,000-square-foot warehouse specializes in boat servicing and repair, winterizing, off-season storage and selling boats on consignment. They even carry live bait. Not something you’d find in most downtowns.

IMG_7628“Everyone said I was crazy to bring a boat shop downtown,” said Bruce, who opened The Boat Shoppe four years ago with the simple founding principle of value added customer service.

His reasoning for opening here? “To add another unique business oriented to downtown,” said Bruce, who’s proud to be one of the few marine centers in any metro area left in this state. “Show me a boat shop in the middle of a downtown, next to a hotel, convention center, and a Jaguar dealership,” he added.




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