Introducing: Lexus Ross!

Posted by DFP Staff 

We have a new office assistant and we’re so excited to introduce you to her!  She’ll be contributing to the blog regularly so take some time to get to know Lexus Ross!

Lexus, helping a a student skate at the Downtown Fresno Ice Rink

What are your interests and hobbies?

To be honest, I don’t think I have any hobbies right now.  I’m just focused on school and now my job (which I love) but I do like to write and sing.

What are your goals?

After I graduate in June I plan on going to Cosmetology School, start working and then go to Fresno City College for both business and criminology.  After that I still plan on working and going to school but transferring to Fresno State for psychology.  I really want to have had a beautician license and all my degrees done and finished with by the time I turn 28.

What do you love about Downtown Fresno?

What do i love about Downtown Fresno?  Mm, I would have to say I just love the atmosphere.  I love that this is where people can come and meet and just enjoy themselves and have a good time.

What is your favorite Downtown Fresno memory?

Today, December 10th would probably have to be my favorite memory.  Just helping out all of the kids with their skates, helping them skate and teaching myself how to ice skate.  It was pretty fun, until I fell.  LOL! I had a good morning with everybody.

Any other thoughts?

I’m just really loving this job, being around such amazing, nice people is really nice.  🙂  it honestly means so much that Kate gave me this opportunity.


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