Why we love K-Jewel

Posted by Kim Schoelen

We like to add a little music to our day here at DFP, it makes things go smoother and adds a nice ambiance.  We like impromptu dance parties when our anthems play and sing-alongs when the afternoons get long or the going gets rough.  So we listen to K-Jewel, KJWL 99.3. Here are our top 5 reasons for loving this station.


5. This one is the freshest in our minds at the moment- They have great contests and giveaways.  Today I won a box full of yummy goodies from Great Harvest Bread Company thanks to their Zoom Imaging Solutions Coffee Break.  All I had to do was sign up and promptly forget that I had signed up.  And then I won!  They also have a Jewel of the Month where you can win actual JEWELS, FOLKS.  They also frequently have aquarium tickets and zoo tickets and event tickets and all kinds of other great things.


4. Bruce Campbell is awesome  and I’m not just saying that because he brought me a bunch of snacks! (as pictured) You can catch Campbell and Company every weekday morning and stay up to date on entertainment, weather, traffic and news without being bored to tears or annoyed- which is the case with so many morning shows.  You can listen all morning and have fun with it!  Seriously, until I discovered Bruce I had a personal vendetta against any on-air morning show personalities.  Plus he’s just about the nicest person I’ve ever met!  Fun tidbit- he was the announcer for our Over the Edge event in June, and he got to go Over the Edge himself!

3. Music Variety.  When you play music in an office you’re dealing with a lot of different opinions on what makes music listenable.  K-Jewel is great because they do incorporate a lot of genres so one second you might be singing TLC’s “Waterfalls” and the next it could be Fun’s “Some Nights”.  Almost every time Girl on Fire plays we drop everything and sing the chorus.


2. Art Hop!  Did you know that K-Jewel doubles as an art gallery?  Every art hop the radio station is positively popping at the seams with art enthusiasts enjoying the live music, great art, food and drinks and an all around good time.  It’s always a good spot to start your hop!


1. K-Jewel is Downtown.  Obviously our hearts are gonna go wild for anything that is related to downtown, and K-Jewel is located on Fulton Street across from the Warnor’s in this totally cool building that also houses KYNO AM 1430- the other favorite station in our office.  Both stations are so downtown-focused it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Listen to the commercials- so many of them are downtown businesses.  The PSA’s are totally downtown-centric too.  We love K-Jewel for really investing in their downtown and using their power to promote things happening down here and successfully draw crowds to their events.  Way to go, K-Jewel!  And thanks for the pastries!


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