Restaurant of the Week: Sumtin’ Ta Eat

Posted by DFP Staff


Sumtin’ Ta Eat has intrigued us since they moved into their new location at 2039 Kern Street.  We began internet-stalking them before they even opened, looking at their menu and the Twitter feed of people they’d previously served.  We were stoked that Sumtin’ Ta Eat was already incredibly connected to their customers and tantalizing the taste buds of comfort-food seekers via internet.   Since their grand opening they’ve even had sell-out days!


The Sumtin’ Ta Eat Facebook lists their menu daily, handy because it changes from day to day.  You could go in on Monday and be treated to Salisbury Steak and the next you might find Mac n Cheese and Meatloaf.  If you’re on the go and want to know what they’re dishing up you can even text 559-572-2EAT and they’ll text the menu back to you


Our hungry crew went in for Fried Fish and were served heaping and delicious piles of fish, macaroni salad and then a sweet dessert of apple pie!



Fun notes:

  • Gretchen didn’t heed the warning that the fish was hot and had a bit of a surprise when she took a bite! It was worth the pain.
  • Angel high recommends dipping the fish in the hot sauce.  It was really good!
  • Mitch asked for the breading recipe, but it’s a secret so he’ll just have to keep going back for more.
  • The pie tasted like warm, cinnamon-y heaven.


Sumtin’ Ta Eat is more than just something to eat, it’s food for the soul and we’re glad to have them here in Downtown Fresno- and withing walking distance!


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