Restaurant of the Week- Los Panchos

Posted by DFP Staff (AKA Gretchen Moore today)

If you missed today’s Restaurant of the Week with the Downtown Fresno Partnership, you missed a lot!


Starting the meal with chips & salsa

Lunch at the always delicious Los Panchos turned Algonquin Round Table-esque (only less snarky!) when we were joined by some of my FAVORITE Fresnans!

 At first, it looked like it would be just me and Rocio since Kate, Mitch, Kim & Cole were unavailable to join us. Fortunately, our wonderful intern, Liz agreed to come with us.

Then, in a stroke of incredible luck, we were joined by super-Fresnans Amy Huerta, Craig Scharton and Veronica Stumpf!


Rocio’s Camarones al Mojo de Ajo (Garlic Shrimp!)

Here are the highlights from our lunch:

  • The yummy food came out quickly, served by perhaps the nicest serving staff in all of Fresno
  • We didn’t talk about human taxidermy once (except when I reminded everyone that we aren’t supposed to talk about human taxidermy)
  • I learned that the Spanish word for “underwear” is “chonis” (don’t ask!)


It was awesome hearing about the Fresno Food Expo from Amy’s perspective (it was a huge success!).

Craig had the scoop on all of the fun happenings downtown this weekend (so many to choose from!).

And Veronica let us in on the secrets to shopping some of her favorite downtown shops (act quickly because things move fast at Misc.).


Liz’s Beef Tacos Lunch Combo

Although we missed having the rest of our wonderful staff with us, it was great to dine with these Fresno VIPs.


My yum-tastic Shrimp Fajitas!

Be sure to stop in at Los Panchos on Fulton this week. They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner and have a killer happy hour. This warm weather means that margarita season is officially upon us – get yours at Los Panchos!

Tune in next week for another riveting episode of Downtown Fresno Partnership’s Restaurant of the Week.

Better yet, join us at Tokyo Garden on April 5 and join in the fun!


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