Restaurant of the Week- Tokyo Garden

Posted by Cole Judge/DFP Staff

This restaurant of the week was at Tokyo Garden, a Fresno mainstay for dining and entertainment. With a relatively straightforward menu of Japanese cuisine, this restaurant proved to be a hot spot for downtown business people having lunch. Who knew it was such a gem for lunch meetings?? It is within walking distance from the downtown lofts and within biking distance from the rest of downtown. There is also plenty of street parking for those of you who prefer to drive.

Tokyo  tokyo3

The food was great. Gluten-free buddies, Michelle and Cole, split the salmon dish. It was light and delicious.

Mitch experienced the traditional Japanese Lunch Special featuring beef teriyaki , tempura, rice, and a bowl of miso soup. Tangy and sweet, the teriyaki tantalized the taste buds stirring his conversation to a fever pitch.


Michelle from Fresno Brewing Company and Sarah from the Housing Authority joined the Downtown Fresno Partnership crowd at lunch today. Chris, Kate, Mitch, Gretchen and Cole showed up from team DFP. These lunches are open to all downtowners, so be sure to join us next week at Duke’s!


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