Gretchen Moore



HI. I’m Gretchen. I’m from Cleveland, which is both the birthplace of rock and roll, and the city that refuses to euthanize polka.  I love car dancing, bourbon on the rocks and 80s pop culture.  I am not a Seinfeld fan. Many people are offended by that aspect of my being, so I just wanted to get it out there now, before you get too attached to me. My work experience includes politics, community development, fundraising and one very long, very bad day behind the counter at Panera Bread. I will tell you that I love modern art, chamber music and the writing of Marcel Proust. Don’t believe me. I’m lying. I just want you to think I’m cultured.  In reality, I love Indiana Jones movies, Jimmy Buffett music and The Hunger Games books. Last year, I learned to play tennis and to fly a plane. And I moved to Fresno. I find Fresno fascinating and I think this city is a series of hidden gems. It is my mission to find those gems (much like Indy found all those ancient artifacts!) and share my favorites with you.



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