What’s cooking, downtown?

Finding comfort at CHARBurger in downtown Fresno

Gray skies, chilly rain, post-holiday blues

It’s January in Fresno and you know what that means: It’s comfort food season, a celebration of all things warm and cheesy and hearty and gooey and good for your soul.

Today, let’s talk about one of our favorite downtown comfort food spots: CHARBurger.

CHARBurger opened this summer and it quickly became a lunchtime destination for the downtown crew.

Fluffy bun from La Boulangerie, three cuts of meat in the patty, melted cheese, fresh tomato, and crispy lettuce makes for a perfectly-balanced burger

Aside from being great comfort food, here are 5 things I love about CharBurger:

Online ordering

Busy work days require efficient lunches. I can order from my laptop, customize my meal, pay online, and set the specific pickup time. I walk into CHARBurger, grab my lunch and am headed back to the office without breaking stride.

Walk in, grab your lunch, and walk out. It’s that fast. It’s that simple.

You can even order your lunch on your home computer the day before, which is super handy for government workers who aren’t permitted to access some outside websites from their work computers.

Brussels sprouts…enough said

Easily customize your order. I get my sprouts extra crispy!


The ultimate decadent treat, CHARBurger’s milkshakes are made with real McConnell’s vanilla bean ice cream.  Our office just can’t get enough of the Nutella Milkshakes. Never had one? Let me break it down:

Nutella + McConnells Ice Cream + straw = perfection.

The savory Halloumi Cheese pairs beautifully with the sweet Nutella milkshake

Owner, Catherine Heaney

I’ve never met anyone who loves and understands food quite like Catherine Heaney does. She has a beautifully unique aesthetic – clean, crisp design interwoven with humor.

Seriously good food, in a beautiful building, with a touch of sign-whimsy
Catherine calls this mural “Hamburger Lecter”                                                                 …It puts the ketchup in the basket (of fries)

As local business owners go, Catherine has it all:  Central Valley native, opened her first restaurant in Visalia at age 28, female entrepreneur, young professional, and she LOVES downtown Fresno.

Plus, a portion of all proceeds go to the Girls & Boys Club of Fresno County. How cool is that?

If we want Fresno to continue attracting folks like Catherine, we need to support her

Fortunately, the best way to do this is by eating delicious food at CHARBurger!


CHARBurger is on the corner of Kern & L Streets so it’s pretty centrally located from everywhere in downtown. Even if it’s a block or two further than some other places, keep in mind that walking is good for you and the extra steps can remove any guilt you might have about finishing off that Nutella milkshake!

Get out of the office! You’re just a few minutes from all of this!

CHARBurger is a meat-eater’s dream, but they also have comfort food for vegetarians and vegans. There’s the Bella Burger (grilled Portobello mushroom with lettuce, tomato and homemade truffle cheddar sauce), and the Halloumi-wich Cheese Sandwich. Order any sandwich sans bun, into a lettuce wrap and you have a comforting gluten free lunch. The fries, tots and Brussels sprouts are all gluten free and vegetarian.

It’s time to win the battle against the January doldrums and engage in some comfort food therapy at CHARBurger. You’ll be glad you did!

CHARBurger is located at 901 L Street in downtown Fresno

Open 11am-2pm Monday-Friday

Order online at www.charfresno.com

Instagram @Charburger


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