What about the Fulton Mall Art?

What about the Fulton Mall Art?

The number one most frequently asked question about the Fulton renovation project is, “What about the art?” If you care about the public art collection, which was purchased by local citizens and donated to the City, then you will love this project.

The art will be removed, restored and replaced within the Fulton District, very near where each piece is currently located. One piece will be moved closer to the outfield entrance to Chukchansi Park, but that’s the exception.

Multiple agencies met over a period of several months to form an agreement about how the art and the historic buildings would be protected. The advocates who wish to preserve the Mall were included in these talks, but in the end, did not sign on. But they are fully informed about these measures and are kept in the communication loop.

Among the conditions are arts professionals with experience in projects like this one. The criteria were agreed to by these agencies and were suggested by the save Fulton Mall preservation advocates. Again, all parties have been involved and are informed.

The local contractor, American Paving, has selected Sculpture Conservation Studios to oversee the art component of the project. L.A. Packing, Crating and Transport will handle the movement of the Artwork. Andrea Morse and Elizabeth Pratt have experience that  exceeds our requirements in the Memorandum of Agreement between all of the agencies. Their resumes are extensive and we are honored to have them working in our city.

What about the art? The removal, restoration and replacement will be one-quarter of the project’s $20 million budget. With the revitalization of Fulton and the new businesses that are already opening, more people will be exposed to this public art museum and will be able to enjoy the gift that was given to all of us, five decades ago. Please help us to spread the word and to allay the fears of those who care about this incredible resource.


Craig Scharton







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