Top Hand Media Moves Downtown!

Top hand Media 004Top Hand Media is a small business marketing company.  Their goal is to grow with your business.  They partner with their clients to do online, print, video and social media marketing. Their clients are diverse, from dentists to school districts, from business associations to artists.  Their main focus is partnering with local clients who want to grow and to improve their online communication.

While the three leaders of the firm have very clear goals and are very focused, they also like to have fun together.  All three are former life guards and enjoy active lifestyles.  They recently made a fun video to help fundraise for Movember (which raises awareness to prostate cancer), watch it here: Movember Video

As for their move to downtown Fresno, they said, “It’s important for us to commit to the community, and downtown revitalization is a big part of the community. Everything is the opposite of what people say about downtown, it’s fun and high energy.  Everyone is friendly.”

“Our space is amazing.  All of the other tenants in the T.W. Patterson Building are friendly.  The building is gorgeous.  At our open house, the Roush family (building owners) brought a cake with our logo on it!”

Jerry Reid is the CEO, Mike Bowman is the VP and Jason Rich is the Client Services Director.  Call them at 559-825-6630 or email them at Whether you need their services or not, let’s give them a boost by liking their Facebook Page.

Blog Post by Craig Scharton


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