Costumes, costumes everywhere!

Posted by Kim Leonard

It’s that time of year again. The time where the people who aren’t the go-gettery Halloween folks who had their costumes ready in August, realize “Aw man, Halloween is in two weeks!” You know who you are.

I frequently find myself in that camp. My kids know what they want to be for Halloween by November 1st of the previous year, so they’re never a challenge to costume, but I don’t ever go out of my way to find a costume because, well, because…

Okay there is no excuse. See, I work downtown. Downtown is the place to be if you’re looking for a good, quick, original costume. We have the most thrift stores in Fresno, we have devoted costume shops, and this weekend we have a geeky convention where you can find costume items as well. Basically, I’m constantly surrounded by places that can transform me into a zombie or Wonder Woman at the drop of a hat.

The Thrift Shops

South Stadium might as well have been named the thrift district. Van Ness between Inyo and Mono is lined with thrift shops. If one disappoints, you can just go right next door. Wash, rinse, repeat 3 times. All of these shops have totally gigantic costume sections with entire racks of blood stained overalls and scrubs, wigs, makeup and other accessories. Team AMVETS is also in South Stadium, at Inyo and Broadway. Venture onto the Mall for Goodwill between Fresno and Tulare. The world is your thrift-oyster.

Vintage is Abundant


So “blood spattered farmer” isn’t your bag. That’s cool. You can assemble a totally authentic Jackie O or Mad Men style costume by making use of one of the vintage shops in downtown. The great thing about this route is that these items can usually be incorporated into your wardrobe after the 31st.

Downtown Vintage staples Yoshi Now and Misc. Trading Co are perfect for finding one of a kind pieces. At Yoshi, you’ll find the quirky and absurd, while Misc. will have the sylish and wonderful. Evolve Vintage and Modern Farm are more furniture and decor related, but you never know when you’ll find an amazing piece to carry around to complete the look- just hope it’s more along the lines of a vintage tape recorder to complete your Nixon, rather than a drafting table for your Mike Brady.

I almost lost my cool (JK, i totally lost my cool) when I saw the doors to Vintage Voola were open this afternoon. VV has limited hours outside of Halloween-time, but their window displays are always immaculate and filled with gorgeous vintage finds that I waaaaaannnnt.

Finally, there are two events where you can score some cool vintage gear- This Saturday 10/17 is the #VintagePopUp on the sidewalk out in front of Raizana and Misc. from 10am-3pm.


Next Saturday, 10/24 Yoshi Now! is hosting their Fall Flea Market from 10am-3pm. If you want eclectic, you’ll find it here.



Finally, there are some really cool places that are costume-centric here in downtown. The recently opened Fun Factory is specifically a costume/cosplay shop. They have a ton of high quality costumes in stock and do custom costumes as well.


I can’t stress enough how FLIPPIN’ COOL this is. Seriously. You want to be an obscure anime character? This is the way to make it happen. (And doubleplusgood- can get custom swimwear from Fun Factory. Again, SO FLIPPIN COOL.)

This weekend is ZappCon, Fresno’s love letter to geekdom in convention form. You’d better believe your sweet Doctor Who and My Little Pony loving, DC or Marvel, LARPing and gaming until 4 am bottom that there will be costumes and costume inspo all over the place at the Valdez Hall all weekend long.

So get downtown, get costumed, and have the best Halloween ever!


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