Nettra brings more tech muscle to downtown Fresno

Posted by Craig Scharton


Nettra is a part of the growing trend of technology and creative companies that are moving to downtown Fresno. My dog Peeve and I toured Nettra’s new office space to find out more about this firm and their decision to move downtown.

Their name is a combination of Internet + Traditional = Nettra


As for their move downtown, it really should come as no surprise, Dave Martin, the Co-Founder of Nettra used to work for the Fresno Redevelopment Agency. He is grounded in all things downtown. Dave said, “We’re passionate about downtown. There is a real tech movement happening here and we want to be part of it.”


Nettra has moved into a new building along warehouse row, next to the old Ice House.

Nettra has a wide range of services, from web search optimization, to website development and branding. They have developed a specific niche which has taken them into some interesting markets. Google has a program that can grant nonprofits up to $10,000 in Google ads. Nettra has been successful in getting grants for nonprofits and then managing the ad campaigns.


This service landed the company a role in Austin’s South by Southwest. The week before the big music festival, film and interactive media are on display. Thousands of firms apply, but Nettra was asked to apply and was selected. This opportunity has allowed Nettra to make great connections with leading edge companies from around the U.S.


If you are interested in Nettra’s services, know that they like to spend time with potential clients, often several hours. They want to dig deep, to make sure that they can give you the service that you need. Whether acting as the digital arm of a larger company or helping a start-up to grow, they pride themselves on tracking everything they do, so that clients receive the return on investment that they need.


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