Restaurant Makeover: Part One- Before and After

Posted by Kim Leonard


Restaurant Makeover was a whirlwind experience, and every step along the way was spent alongside the owners of Kikku Japanese Food, Silvia and Andri Wahyudi.

Without further ado, check out these before and after photos!

Main dining area


dining area


dining- full

Makeover: Working around the existing wall sconces, we added a bright orange wall with brightly contrasting art in a much more eye catching size. Faux wood grain tabletops were replaced with black. You can’t see it, but speakers were installed in the ceiling as well. Window panels were painted medium gray.

Entry dining area


long table 2


comm table

Makeover: Window panels painted medium gray (not pictured), trash area painted dark gray, main wall painted light gray with brightly contrasting larger artwork. Orange bar stools and most importantly- THAT TABLE. Made from reclaimed wood (it used to be someone’s deck in Old Fig) and old pipes as the base by Kenny Schoelen, the same guy known¬†as the official Santa Claus of Downtown- hey, even Santa has a day job!

Menu boards and wall


menu wall



Makeover: Wall painted bright orange, redesigned menu boards, additional menu information to match menu branding on counter top. Counter base painted dark gray.

Main Menu Board and Counter:




menu 2

Makeover: Wall painted bright orange, new (and gorgeous) menu board.

Waiting area and storage:


waiting area


2015-09-23 00.32.06

Makeover: This one is more subtle, but look closely- it’s like one of those “find the differences” puzzles in the Highlights magazine at a doctors office. Solid partition wall instead of window panel, painted medium gray. Walls light gray. New baseboards (look how sharp that black looks!) Bright artwork.

Front window





Makeover: tables removed in favor of a handmade reclaimed wood bar (Also made by Santa, using the wood from a former fence.) Orange bar stools. New drop lighting. Dark gray paint under the bar area, medium gray accents on window panes.



Sign Exterior


2015-09-23 00.33.13

Makeover: Kikku is on Tulare, which is a pretty major traffic corridor. Unfortunately, there isn’t street parking and the treeline makes it hard for businesses to be seen as cars rush by. New signage in the new Kikku branding was ordered, including a hanging sign to make Kikku’s entrance more visible to people walking by. The exterior was painted the same medium gray as many of the inside accents, giving it a rich, warm, welcoming feel. Fun fact- look at the window of the “after” photo and notice all the white rectangles- those are the cups of patrons dining at the bar, which also helps to reach out to potential customers.


Stay tuned for blogs showcasing the transformation weekend itself, the reveal party, and the people and businesses behind the Makeover!


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