Happy Anniversary!

Posted by Kim Leonard


While cruising Facebook, one of my officemates noticed that Kocky’s Bar and Grill had a post to celebrate their 4 year anniversary. Wings and Waffles all day today, 8/7/15, and live music tonight at 9:30! Wings and Waffles?> And more importantly, they’re at 4 years already? Time flies when you’re having lunch.


Then, while I was cruising around Facebook I saw this. (I swear we do real work, we don’t just play on Facebook allllll day!) Parsley Garden Cafe is celebrating their 5th anniversary all month by offering $5 lunch items on Thursdays through August. If you’ve ever had a burger or one of their Harvest Chicken Salads you know already that this truly is cause for celebration!



This got us thinking, so we looked up anniversaries in our records to see who else was celebrating a milestone this month and we found, lo and behold, our Restaurant Makeover winner Kikku Japanese Food is celebrating 14 years!


With three restaurants celebrating anniversaries this month, we had to give them all a shout out. These businesses work hard and we appreciate everything they do to fill our bellies when lunch rolls around. Congrats, we love you!


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