Downtown Fresno Events August 9 – August 15

There’s always something to do in downtown Fresno. Here’s your weekly guide to downtown events!

Sunday, August 9


Monday, August 10

Tuesday, August 11


Wednesday, August 12


Thursday, August 13

Friday, August 14

square full

Saturday, Auygust 15


This month in Downtown:


Raizana’s Tea Bar is OPEN!
Come check out our beautiful new space, the Raizana Tea Bar, with an industrial minimalist design.

You can sit at our window-front counters and enjoy the skyline as you sip on a delicious cup of our original tea blends, iced coffee, or our new specialty teas: Matcha Shots, Roasted Rice Genmaicha, Machu-Peachu, or our Pomegranate Green tea! YUM!

We’re open Mon – Sat from 9am to 6pm at 2015 Tuolumne St., Fresno CA (right next to our original space at the Warnors Theater).

And stay tuned as we’re gearing up for our Grand Opening Party!

Photo By @mbsummerss “@jesspants79 and jasmine”


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