A quick little update on construction

Posted by Kim Leonard

This morning I had the brilliant thought, “Hey! I’ll go for a walk with the camera and get photos of construction sites around downtown before it gets too hot! Yeah! That’s the ticket!”


After about .75 miles I was all “Nope.” See that? That’s a selfie I took in case my face melted and the doctors needed a point of reference to reconstruct it. But I stuck it out, I’ll do anything for the blog, man. Which is good, because behind me there- that’s The Lede.

Last we saw of The Lede it looked a little like this on this same corner:


Here are a few different angles from this morning. Lots and lots of progress!

Lede 1

From Fulton/Stanislaus

Lede 4

From Fulton/Calaveras

Lede 3

Van Ness/Calaveras, with a bit of the Fresno Bee/Met/CMAC Building in it.

Lede 2

Straight on of the view from Van Ness.

And just for kicks, let’s show the lot where the green space/park will be. This is on Fulton and adjacent to the Brio on Broadway residences:


After I was done circling the block and taking photos from all angles, I noticed the awesome new solar panels at Catalyst Marketing. I know, not really a construction development, but dang they’re cool.

Catalyst 2Catalyst


Along the way to Warehouse Row I spied this cat. He was mocking me for walking all over in the heat, I just know it. I tried to make friends with him, but he just stood there and judged me, which I guess makes sense, he was hanging out in front of the Coyle federal courthouse. If I were to adopt him, I thought to myself, I’d name him Judge. Or Marshall. Or Federal Prisoner.

warehouse row

The next stop on my Tour de Fresno was by Warehouse Row. This is a really cool development on P Street right next to the tracks. If you’ve been to Sheer Bliss Spa, you know exactly where this is. If you’re seeing this and thinking “I would love to move my office there, here’s a listing for the office spaces.


Finally, I came to Bitwise South Stadium. FranCisco Vargas has been working tirelessly on the gigantic mural on the side of the tech hub’s second location, but most of the magic is happening inside.

bitwise 3bitwise 4

Yeah, those are tractors and forklifts and things that are coming from inside the building. Major overhaul and renovations are taking place there.

fresno state downtown

Probably the coolest thing with Bitwise South Stadium that has recently gone up have been the banners that are all along Van Ness letting every passerby know that Bitwise is the home of Fresno State Downtown. That’s right, you read that correctly- Fresno State University now has a downtown campus!

As I rejoiced that my walk in the heat was almost over, I remembered- I forgot to get shots of two really important things. So I retraced my steps back down the Fulton Mall to grab a few more shots.       Los Panchos

Los Panchos recently repainted their restaurant. Here’s the before:


It looks so great now! And it was all yellowwwwwww.

And finally, Here’s the Expositor.


You can’t tell from this angle, but a LOT of work just happened inside this weekend. Volunteer crews worked to bring down a plaster wall that was in front of the original windows all weekend long. You can find out more about this project here and here.

Finally, sweat pouring down the back of my shirt (EW!) I made it back to the office and chugged half of the water cooler’s contents. Downtown is growing, evolving, and blossoming, and Fulton Street construction is out to bid as we speak, so our next construction update might have even bigger news to share!

Here are the previous construction blogs in case you want to see just how much awesomeness has happened in downtown since last September.

September 10, 2014

February 13, 2015

April 24, 2015

And don’t forget to keep checking in with us as we get underway on the Restaurant Makeover of Kikku Japanese Food!


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  1. Development and changes are very essential to give new look and dimensions to a place. Thanks Kim, you have really followed the downtown Fresno development well and it is good to see the gradual change in the locality. A very welcome sight to see old places revamped and made attractive.


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