Restaurant Makeover: Out to Lunch with Kikku

Posted by Kim Leonard


Day 3 of our Out to Lunch adventure took us to Kikku Japanese Food. If you’ve never been to Kikku, you’re probably the only one, like, ever.

No seriously, I mentioned going to Kikku on my Facebook page and I had friends as far reaching as Scotland raving about their #19 spicy chicken. Kikku has a fiercely loyal customer base, and it’s easy to see why. Silvia, one of the owners, will walk from table to table to ask guests how their meal was, and when you tell her your name once she’ll remember it forever.

Sylvia Rocio Gretchen

In case you missed it- Restaurant Makeover is our program where restaurants compete to win a $25,000 prize package. We know it’s hard work running a mom and pop, so this is our way of thanking those wonderful folks who put so much dedication into feeding the masses.


Speaking of which, here’s what we had today.

crispy #20
The #20 Special Chicken.
Chicken + Noodles
Veggie Tempura Platter
Beef Ramen
Ca Roll (2)
California Roll
The holy grail, the #19. Spicy Chicken with Brown Sauce
The holy grail, the #19. Spicy Chicken with Brown Sauce


Here’s a little more about Kikku:


“We love food and cooking.”

14 years ago, Kikku Japanese Restaurant opened their doors at 2336 Tulare Street. Andri and Sylvia Wahyudi wanted to see downtown grow and be part of the revitalization of downtown Fresno. Since then, they’ve worked hard to provide the throngs of hungry lunch-seekers with fresh, healthy, and tasty meals- paired with genuine and heartfelt customer service.

“Our food philosophy: Fresh, healthy and tasty food with great customer service will make people happy which will make us happy too.”

What make’s Kikku unique?

“Our food is freshly prepared with quality and best ingredients. All sauces are home made by the owner. Customers love our signature dish spicy crispy chicken with our signature Kikku brown sauce. ” 

Makeover wish-list

  • New signage
  • New modern menu boards
  • New chairs
  • Other decorative elements

If they win, their signature item would be…

“Downtown Spicy Teriyaki Chicken served with signature Kikku brown sauce “

Voting ends on Friday, July 10, so be sure to cast your vote for your favorite restaurant. We’ll see you tomorrow at Lily’s Cafe.


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