Knit one, purl two, FREAK OUT THREE

Posted by Kim Leonard

Okay, so I know I squandered my May Staff Pick on the Vintage Pop Up (JK, I’m still so psyched about that!) but I’m the one with the blog login info, so I’m gonna abuse my power to share an event that I am SO EXCITED about.

I want you to stop and imagine as you read this next part that I’m saying this breathlessly, like I just ran a lap while punching my fists in the air and yelling “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” at the top of my lungs.




The Yarnover Truck is an LA based business that, like a food truck, operates out of an old Little Debbie truck, but instead of pork belly sandwiches or whatever you hipsters eat, it is filled with fancy, delightful, tactile-pleasing, heirloom quality, luxury yarn.


Sorry, I kind lost my train of thought for a moment there, because yarn.


Okay, maybe you’ve already checked out because, let’s get real- fancy yarn isn’t for everyone. Some people are totally okay with squeaky, crunchy acrylic yarn for the projects that they make. But I’m of the camp that believes that if I’m gonna devote hours and hours and hours to something, it had better be great. The best even.

556316_10151251478659780_1655450667_n (1)

I didn’t always think that way. I used to be an (ugh) cheap-yarner. Then I started working for Anzula one Summer, which changed everything. Anzula is one of those amazing valley success stories that everyone should know about. Started in the early 2000’s by Sabrina Famellos in her kitchen, she went from hand dying small batches of yarn and fiber by herself to now operating out of a 6,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Fresno, employing about a dozen rad folks and shipping boxes and boxes and boxes of yarn out across the world. THE WORLD. Anzula’s yarn is the absolute softest, loveliest yarn, in the most gorgeous colors I’ve ever seen, and after my gig there, I haven’t been able to touch the cheap stuff since. Yarn snobbery is real, folks. It’s a little like craft beer, for crafters. Coors gets the job done, but there’s something so much more delighful about a glass of Rush Hour Breakfast Stout from Tioga-Sequoia. Get it now?


So back to the Yarnover Truck. They’ll be setting up at Anzula on the 16th and along with several local knitting  groups and shops, this is the fiber crafts event that any yarnhound would be a total dork to miss.


The best part though, is that Anzula will be open to the public- something that never, ever happens. You can get a peek into the inner workings of an independent yarn dyeing superstar.


Here’s the deets:

Saturday, May 16 from 10am-2pm

Anzula, 740 H Street

If knitting or crocheting aren’t your thing, don’t worry, this is a busy weekend in downtown Fresno. (They’re all busy weekends, who am I kidding?) Here are a few other awesome options on Saturday for those who just don’t get as excited about a skein of  superwash merino/cashmere blend as I do:


Grizzly Fest- Chukchansi Park, 3pm-midnight


Aeromyth and Fan Halen- Warnors Theatre, 7:30pm

Geoff Thurman- Peeve’s Public House, 8pm


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