Building anticipation

Posted by Kim Leonard

There’s nothing I love more than a good play on words, so when I set out to write a blog about the construction progress and hopefully convey the excitement in the air around here, how could I resist naming this blog Building Anticipation?

Since I last did a photo-walk through downtown to observe the construction, a whole lot has changed. Check it out:

Brio on Broadway:

briobrio 5

So the super cool thing about this project is that they held their ribbon cutting on Wednesday of this week. That’s right, soon we’ll be welcoming a whole bunch of new residents to downtown Fresno! This is also a super green, eco-friendly development. Click here to read more.

The Lede:


The most notable progress has been on the Calaveras side of this project. It’s starting to really look like a bunch of residential units! The best part is that you can hear the sweet sounds of construction from a cafe table out in front of the newly opened Cornerstone Coffee Company. Progress, folks. Progress. In our profession, a hammer and nails is like a sweet symphony!


Lighthouse for Children:


Lighthouse for Children has also completed and i was able to attend the ribbon cutting this morning! My favorite part was that they had their VIP’s- children, cut the ribbon. If you recall, they also had their VIP’s with kid sized shovels at the groundbreaking as well. Lighthouse for Children is going to be a huge asset to downtown Fresno, and of course, to children all over Fresno County.

One more project I want to share progress on is Bitwise South Stadium. They quite literally have raised the roof.


(I’m sure that somewhere in this image there’s a metaphor for they way that women have been able to break through the glass ceiling- or at least chip a hole in it, in Fresno when it comes to tech jobs. For that I am grateful to Bitwise for creating such a safe and positive environment.)

So there you have it- just a quick update, but you can feel the anticipation building. (See what i did there?) As Fulton construction nears, the completion of all of these other amazing projects is just another step toward a healthy, busy, vibrant downtown. I can hardly contain my excitement!


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