February Staff Picks

Posted by DFP Staff

The month of love is upon us, here are our staff picks for February!


Craig Scharton- Fly Fishing on Fulton Feb 28. Free fly casting lessons, fly tying demos, videos. 12-4


Gretchen Moore- $10 to see Fresno Grand Opera’s Streetcar Named Desire – so cool!


Kim Leonard- I’m ready for Art Hop. This month my darling cousin Brittany Deegan will be showing at Broadway Studios (and she’s amazing, so you should check her out). Following Art Hop I’ll be dropping the baby off with a sitter because Fulton 55 is hosting the first monthly DISCO NIGHT. GET OUT OF MY DAYDREAMS, FULTON 55!


Angela Cardona- The Pizzettas at Peeve’s are back! You’ll see me there eating them a lot this month!


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