December Staff Picks

Posted by DFP Staff

staff picks

This month these are the things that are putting the jolly in our holly, the jingle in our bells.  Check out our staff picks for December!


Aaron Blair. President and CEO

The clock in the foyer of the Bank of Italy.


Mitch Freund, Ambassador Program Director

My pick is just in time for the Holidays. Looking for a gift for someone who’s hard to shop for? Not sure what to get Aunt Betty this year? Or, you’re looking for a unique gift for yourself? Check out the Botanicas on the Fulton Mall. A botanica is a shop that deals in herbs, charms, religious candles  and other products regarded as magical or as folk medicine. Primarily geared to the Mexican and Latin American population, these stores are a fun cultural experience for anyone. They’re filled with all sorts of unique gifts; like candles that will bring you good luck, money, success or love, and charms that can cure diseases, break hexes, open roads and more. Here’s a list of the botanicas downtown:

Casa Latina 1017 Fulton Mall

Mi Casita Astral 1029 Fulton Mall

Botanica San Judas 1031 Fulton Mall

Botanica San Judas Tadeo 1 1105 Fulton Mall

Artesanias El Peruano 1121 Fulton Mall

Botanica Del Sol 2 1141 Fulton Mall


Gretchen Moore, SC2Fellow

For me, it’s the ice rink and a coffee from Little Bean. I’m not an ice skater but I found that tying the skate laces really tightly helps me look like I know what I’m doing. There’s something to be said about being outside, surrounded by families enjoying time together and knowing that, with every lap of the rink, I’m a little closer to banishing all of those extra egg nog calories! Being just steps away from a coffee (or hot cocoa, or latte) at Little Bean just ads to the perfection of a great day on the ice!


Kim Leonard, Communications Manager

On Saturday, December 6th a few of my favorite things collide- Peeve’s is showing The Jerk, my favorite Steve Martin movie (I am picking out a thermos for youuuuuu) and then Gayle Skidmore is performing afterward. If you’ve never heard Gayle Skidmore’s music you’re in for a treat. Haunting vocals and true musicianship as she bounces from keyboard to banjo to guitar while making it look easy. The film starts at 8!


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