Staff Picks for September

Posted by DFP Staff

staff picks

We know, we know- we totally shouldn’t play favorites.  But we are, so deal with it!  Here are the things that are rocking the staff of DFP’s world.

photo 1

Aaron Blair, President/CEO: Right now all I want to do is walk around in South Stadium Instagramming old signs. #downtownfresno #vintagesigns #southstadium

Angela Cardona, Accounting and HR: I may be biased a little bit but the “Fig Lovers Dream Pizza” from Peeve’s is for sure one of the best, yet most unique pizzas I’ve ever had. I would never imagine that those ingredients go together, plus the crunchiness of the dough makes me smile!


Mitch Freund, Ambassador Program Director: My pick is the Vietnamese Coffee from Saigon Deli, 944 Fulton Mall. Iced coffee made using a Vietnamese phin coffee filter, finely ground French roast coffee beans, condensed milk, and of course, ice. For $2.50 you can’t find a better “pick me up” on a hot Fresno day.

Kim Leonard, Communications Manager: I am really looking forward to the Saint Motel show at Frank’s Place on September 19th. This band has come to Fresno several times and every tour just gets better and better. I’m especially excited that Frank’s Place is an all-ages venue so I can take my kids and show them what rock n roll is all about!


Gretchen Moore, SC2Fellow/Community Engagement: The Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden at Inyo and Fulton has everything I love: Cornhole, music, T-S swag and, of course, delicious local beer! I’m mad about the Rush Hour Breakfast Stout. I love the rich flavor from Café Corazon coffee beans brewed right in. #TSBeerGarden


Rocio Andrade, Events Coordinator: Mine is berries, berries, and more berries! These have become my favorite snack, they are organic and super delicious. The best thing is that I can find them every Wednesday at the downtown certified farmers’ market, Market on Kern. And not only berries, but many other great fruits and veggies. Market season ends October 29th, make sure to stop by!


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