Restaurant of the Week: Indian Heritage

Posted by DFP Staff

We’ve been saying it forever- “Man, Aloo Gobi sounds good right now.” No seriously, you have no clue how often we’ve lamented that there isn’t an Indian restaurant in downtown.

And then came Indian Heritage. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because they have a location in Clovis that is pretty delicious. One of our staff member’s cousin’s with great taste confirmed this for us. So we knew we weren’t only getting Indian food, but we’d be getting great Indian food.


Located on Mariposa Mall between Fulton and Van Ness, Indian Heritage is the newest addition to the little strip of restaurants that range from Italian to Mexican to Chinese. Basically, you can please everyone in your lunch crew all in one place.


Indian Heritage is a quick, express to-go restaurant. The menu is not as huge as their main restaurant’s but you’ll find the essentials- Lamb Curry, Tandoori Chicken and yes, of course, Aloo Gobi. They also have beverage staples like chai tea and mango lassi, and their dessert menu alone is enough reason to go.




Rocio ordered the Lunch Plate #1, Butter Chicken, Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice, 2 pieces of naan and salad. It was her first time having Indian food. She loved it!




Mitch went for the #3 with Vegi Korma, Chana Masala, Basmati Rice, Naan and Salad.



Angela grabbed a chicken salad, naan and gulab jamun- Cheesecake balls in honey syrup. YEAH.  That’s what we’re talking about!


Kim went for the Lunch plate #2- Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Curry with the rice, salad and naan. Out of this world flavor and so tender!

What’s cool is that these gigantic lunch plates are under $10 and if you’re really good at practicing self control, you can save half and have a whole other meal. We’re still working on stopping ourselves. This food is just too good. But in theory, it would totally work.

Check them out, you will not be disappointed! Indian Heritage is located at 2019 Mariposa Mall.





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