Restaurant of the Week: Trendy Pasta Company

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When we first met the soon-to-be restaurateurs of Trendy Pasta we had no clue what to think. It was a mixture of utter excitement and “OMG, are these dudes nuts?!”  Mike and Matthew, two very high energy downtown dreamers popped into our office declaring quick pasta at crazy-affordable prices and promised they’d be open within weeks.  It being campaign season and all we took their promises with a grain of salt.  Suuuuuure guys, we’ll believe it when we officially have marinara stains on our shirts. (We’re messy eaters and proud when it comes to good food.)

And then there was a sign hanging over what was a vacant space on Mariposa Mall just off of the Fulton Mall just a week before.




So then we knew they weren’t crazy.  Or maybe they were just crazy enough. See, Matthew and Mike are big-picture guys. They see this location as a jumping off point, they know there are cool things in store for Downtown Fresno and they wanted in on it. This is their mothership of a pasta revolution that they’re hoping to start.  We dig it.  We did, actually, before we even had our first bite!


Part of what instantly had our collective stomach’s allegiance was more subtle and cerebral than taste alone. Their branding is fantastic. All artwork on the walls and menus is designed by Matthew and we love it. Distinctive, classy and just plain gorgeous. Their walls have distressed wood accents that are repeated in their tables and chairs, even on their a-frame sign outside. We’re suckers for great presentation so another immediate win for Trendy.




And then there was the matter of their menu. Simple but enough choices to please everyone in your crew (unless they’re gluten free- no GF pasta at this time.) You choose your size- Primi and Ampio, so basically a choice between a lot of pasta or “HOLY MOLY, HOW WILL I EVER EAT ALL OF THIS PASTA?!”.


Then you pick your sauce and you can add-on meatballs, chicken, cheese or sausage. The sausage was a new addition and hadn’t made the menu yet. We’d only all taken a sample shot of it after we’d ordered and immediately lamented not adding it to our meals! (And yeah, “sample shot” is accurate. Little cups of sauces and toppings to make sure you’re totally into whatever it is you order.)

We took everything back to the office and feasted.




Gretchen ordered a primi marinara with meatballs and a salad. She was really impressed with the fancy croutons. No, seriously, she wouldn’t shut up about them.


Mitch also had a primi marinara with meatballs and added a roll into the mix. Delicious!


Kim, unable to make her own decisions and wholeheartedly dropping her vegetarian card also grabbed the same as Gretchen. She loved the shape of the pasta and how the sauce got inside the noodles. It’s the little things. Oh, and the marinara is delicious! Light but flavorful.




Rocio, the only real pioneer in the group grabbed an ampio alfredo with chicken. When asked how it was she gave a full-mouthed thumbs up and nodded enthusiastically.

Rosalie and Mike- Matthew preferred to remain in the kitchen working his pasta magic for the photo.

We’re really excited to welcome Trendy Pasta to Downtown Fresno. We know they’re gonna do great- how could they not?! Give them a visit at 2017 Mariposa Mall.  Say “Hi” to Mike, Matthew and Rosalie for us, too. We know it’s hard work opening a restaurant and we appreciate them to bits for choosing to make it happen in Downtown Fresno. Guys- you’re pretty darned rad and we’re 100% behind you all the way.



PS- right next door to Trendy Pasta is another new restaurant that just opened this week! Indian Heritage in Clovis is making all of our tikka masala dreams come true (though we wouldn’t turn our noses up to some aloo gobi).  You do realize that on that stretch of Mariposa you could eat your way around the world, right? Indian, Italian, Mexican at La Cocina de Mama, Chinese at Donut Downtown and then French crepes across the Mall at The Little Bean.  Expect lots of Restaurant of the Week deliciousness to come from these spots in the very near future!



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  1. Absolute best marinara sauce I have ever had. Daily Specials.
    Great customer service. I hope they are around for a long time!

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