The Friday Five: Five spectacular views in downtown Fresno

Posted by Kim Leonard

I spend a large portion of my day wishing our office was in a high-rise. Sometimes I think it would be clever to take chalk and draw steps up to our door just so I could feel like I was perched on the second floor. I think a lot of that comes from visiting the San Jose Downtown Association’s office which is located high above the ground in a historic building and feeling the pangs of jealousy at their birds-eye view of the part of their city they work so hard for. Don’t get me wrong- I love where I sit now, too. I get to watch Obos by George Tsutakawa all day, and I think because of this it has become my favorite of all of downtown’s public art. Still, sometimes when I’m feeling a little too grounded I like to find ways to get my fill of lofty heights.  Here are a few of my favorites.

1. The Grand


This is the the view from my friend Suzanne Bertz-Rosa’s office on the eighth floor of The Grand.  The photos she posts are stunning, and they’re basically just her looking up from a busy workload to admire the view. You wanna Bragbook really well? Get an office here and post photos of your view while sipping cappuccino. Absolutely amazing and everyone you know will be jealous… not that I’m jealous. (Totally jealous.) Aaaaand if you need design help or someone to work up a branding campaign for you- Bertz-Rosa  Strategy & Creative is awesome and with a view like that you know their work is inspired.

2. The Spiral Garage



The Spiral Garage  at van Ness and Inyo is pretty majestic and has been often photographed, but if it’s a view you’re looking for, here’s an amazing spot. You can see something cool from each side, whether its into Chukchansi Park, a view of the Fulton Mall, City Hall, straight down Ventura and waaaay out to the horizon on a clear day.



3. The Skyroom at Holiday Inn


The Skyroom is a totally a venue. You could have a wedding with a view. Or a board meeting, which I’m pretty sure is what was happening when I snapped this pic. Located at the top of the Holiday Inn, this space gives a gorgeous glimpse over the city.

4. The Tuolumne and Stanislaus overpasses.

CEK-DOWNTOWN-01-500x337 (1)

I didn’t take this photo. Craig Kohlruss of The Fresno Bee did. I was going to go walk up one of the overpasses and take photos, but that was before I realized that I’m utterly exhausted and that was totally not happening today and I instead walked to get coffee and Google searched. I found this awesome image from a Fresno Beehive article about the Downtown Visions exhibit at Fresno Art Museum- in particular about Corky Normart who’s art gives a perspective of Downtown Fresno as refreshing and wonderful as the top of the Tuolumne or Stanislaus overpasses. That’s Normart in the photo. But, you know, duh.

5. Pacific Southwest Building


My favorite view in downtown Fresno is from the top of the tallest building in Fresno- the Pacific Southwest Building. I liked it before I rappelled down it and fell in love with it even more. You can really see all the way down Blackstone from the top. Even more amazing- this is a view that some people have from their dining room. Even though vacancies are pretty rare things right now in this building, new living spaces are in the works. If you want a view of Fresno that no one else possibly could have I’d say to keep your eyes open for when those bad boys open up.

So there you go, I urge you, Fresno, to get downtown and change your point of view.


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