Restaurant of the Week: Toleditos

Posted by DFP Staff

Don’t be fooled by it’s size, Toleditos is a powerhouse of flavorful Mexican cuisine- they’re the little sibling to the popular Toledos restaurant. Located at 1704 Van Ness Avenue this tiny restaurant actually has ample seating inside and easily accommodated our party of 6, even during the lunch rush.


Oh, and there’s plenty of parking in their lot as well as nearby street parking. you know, in case you had some inner voice nagging at you saying but the PARKING downtown


Kim flipped out over the fact that Toleditos has Fanta Strawberry. She’s been thinking obsessively about strawberry soda for at least a week now.


Rocio’s Albondigas made everyone jealous.


Cole ordered rice, steamed veggies and avocado. Toleditos didn’t even bat an eyelash at a special request.


Rocio’s Chimichanga. There was much Ooohing and Aaaahing when it was delivered to the table.


Kim’s Chile Relleno Burrito. Because as if burritos and chile rellenos weren’t great on their own, Toleditos had to go and create the Brangelina of the Mexican food world.


Mitch ordered the Menudo, or in his words “I can’t wait for my pig stomach!”


Gretchen’s Shrimp Fajitas, which were really, really good. Also, she was the only one who remembered that it was Friday and ordered fish. 07 

Emmalie’s lunch combo plate- an enchilada, a taco and plenty of reasons to come back again!

Toleditos is also open for breakfast and on Saturdays and Sundays.


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