Restaurant of the Week: Umi Sushi

Posted by DFP Staff

Umi Sushi is good.


It is so good that even though we’ve probably had a combined 20+ meals there since it opened in January, we kept coming up with excuses as to why we couldn’t classify it as a Restaurant of the Week- just so we could go back at a later date. Things like “Well, it’s only three of us today, we should really wait for the whole group” or “Oh, we all ordered similar items! Well, looks like we need to plan this out better.”

Those were all excuses.  Delicious excuses to get to go back again… and again… and again.

But we do need to tell the world about Umi, we realize this. So here goes.


Look at us, looking at the menu as if we didn’t all have it memorized.


Gretchen’s Rainbow Roll.  It’s basically all of the sushi you could ever want all in one roll. This is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.  Forget college, self help books or meditation, order one of these bad boys and you’re well on the path to self actualization.


Kim’s 4-U Roll. Salmon, avocado,and cream cheese tempura battered and fried? Duh. Remember when she was a vegan? This roll right here has a lot to do with her backsliding.


Emmalie, our awesome intern, ordered a Snake Roll. Now, this isn’t actually her roll. We have no clue what happened to the photo we took, so here is a photo swiped mercilessly from Umi’s Facebook page to illustrate the fabulous tortilla wrap.


Steve’s Beef bento box. Comes with a california roll and a salad.  The dressing is delicious!


Cole custom ordered a roll loosely based on the 5 Wishes roll to suit her tastes. Her wish came true.


Rocio ordered the Titanic roll. It too, like its namesake, met a disastrous end. Deliciously crushed upon the iceberg of her appetite.


Mitch’s Chicken Teriyaki Bento, served with rice, salad and a california roll. So many good things, all neatly served in a bento box that would make even the pickiest foods-can’t-touch-one-another eaters happy.

Umi Sushi is located at 2321 Kern Street and they’re open for dinner! Monday-Thursday they’re open until 7:30, Friday and Saturday they’re open until 8:00. Check out their website for more detailed hours. And if you like to torment your tastebuds, like them on Facebook.


Umi is a perfect place to dine before a show at the Saroyan, during a lunch break or for take out (559-515-6636), which actually came in handy during the writing of this blog. One must have something to snack on while writing, it is just so labor intensive, right?


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