To Know a Downtowner: The Great Kate McKnight!

Posted by Kim Leonard

We just really wanted to take a moment to show some love for one of our favorite Downtowners as a belated birthday gift to her.


Kate McKnight has been a voice for downtown, an advocate of the Fulton Mall and a champion of the arts for as long as I’ve known her- and we go back to my freshman year of high school as I learned some of the most enduring life lessons from her in her drama class. We go back to my first ever monologue brain-fart. It’s because of Kate that I can stand in front of a group of strangers and speak coherently.

Kate’s theatrical experience is invaluable and her performances are straightforward, honest, brash at times and very real. You’ll be able to catch her this summer as Lady Macbeth in the Woodward Shakespeare festival. She passionately supports the art community and was a long time host of The Art of No show on KFSR filled with interviews of the many wonderful artists that make up our city’s vibrant and booming art scene.  She has been the chair of and is still a spokesperson and advocate for Downtown Fresno Coalition, a group dedicated to restoring the Fulton Mall.

While she doesn’t always share the same vision for the Fulton Mall as our organization, she still ranks among our favorite people here in the DFP office because we all ultimately are working toward the same goal- an active and appreciated downtown. She speaks beautifully and articulately about what our downtown could be and never lets differing opinions get in the way of friendships. Whether we are heatedly debating or laughing over cocktails, Kate’s integrity shines through.

Happy birthday, Kate! Thank you for everything you bring to Downtown Fresno!


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  1. Thank you, Kim, and to all my DFP friends! I’m very honored. And yes- ultimately, friendships are more important than issues.

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