Our very first Cash Mob, awwwww!

Posted by Kim Leonard


We’re having a Cash Mob tonight. A CASH MOB. How cool is that?

Tonight is actually the first in a series of mobs that we have planned throughout the year.  We love the concept of Cash Mobs because they’re a super easy way to give a local business a quick boost.  Everyone who attends spends at least $10, which isn’t gonna break the bank for most of us but all together will add up fast. Plus, an increase in money spent downtown will give a bump in tax dollars.  Can’t go wrong, right?


Well, we can if no one shows up. Cash Mobs, of course, depend on a proper mob. So tonight we’re hoping to see everyone we know (and don’t know!) at our top-secret-soon-to-be-released-location from 4:30-6:30!  Watch our Facebook, check your e-mail if you’re on our list, stalk our Twitter, or I guess you could just stalk us, because we’ll be there makin’ it rain for a local business tonight!

Oh, by the way, we’re bringing wine.


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