The Friday Five: Things you may have missed from State of Downtown if you weren’t there

Posted by Kim Leonard

No joke, we’re all experiencing this weird hybrid of stoked and wiped out from Tuesday’s event. It went so well, I mean how could it not? We had a big ballroom full of people who support Downtown and want to see it revitalized! The energy was great and the keynote from Mayor Ashley Swearengin was absolutely on point. For those who missed the event, which is our Downtown Fresno Partnership annual meeting, CMAC has posted the entire thing on YouTube.

Because I know you’ll be diligent and watch the whole thing, our Friday Five will be things you may not have noticed unless you were there.


1. The band

The Experience. They’re just awesome. And they were up on the balcony so their music just filled the whole room beautifully.


2. The Bacon

Everyone went crazy over the bacon on the tables. Remember, this event has been a breakfast until we decided to move it to Happy Hour this year. The bacon even got a nod from the Mayor. Good work, Peeve’s Public House– also, since bacon isn’t my jam I ate about 10 of your amazing dessert lemon bars. I regret nothing!


3. The Centerpieces

Okay, okay, those were MY project. PS- if you ever need 100+ cocktail glasses in a hurry, Dollar Tree is your BFF. However, when you stroll up to the checkout with two shopping carts of glassware you are not the checkout clerk’s BFF. I apologized about 80 times, just under once per glass that she had to wrap with newspaper.


4. The Grand

Have you ever been in this place? It is elegant and old and timeless. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the grandeur of the interiors of these historic buildings because we always view them from outside. (Which are also pretty dang impressive. Ahhh, a bygone era.)


5. The Volunteers

Duh. We would be sunk without our awesome team of volunteers who helped make everything run smoothly. We love you. We really, really do!


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