Meet our new intern Cynthia!

Posted By Cynthia Villarreal


When I first researched Downtown Fresno Partnership I knew it was an organization I would enjoy working with. Working for a non- profit myself made me a bit excited to see the way others were being run. Also the whole idea of helping Downtown Fresno grow and improve for the better is interesting.

My expectations coming into the internship were all over the place. I was not sure what to expect, I was mostly scared that I was going to be put in charge or have to do something that I was completely unknowledgeable about. The thought of failing or doing something incorrect was what brought the most fear. I did expected to be put in charge of projects that I was not completely comfortable with and I was okay with that nevertheless it still made me nervous.

I am now in my second day interning with Downtown Fresno Partnership, and I have quickly learned that what I expected to happen did. Well to a certain extent at least. Some things that I was told to do I was completely scatterbrained about, I wasn’t sure how to start or even how things were supposed to be set up. I also quickly learned that the staff is more welcoming than ever. Asking questions is something that is okay to do, and if you don’t know how to do something they are quick to help you. I am most excited to see what projects I will be able to help them with next. Also to just be able to gain so much knowledge and insight from people that are already doing something that one day I hope to do.


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