Friday Five: Five ways to fight off a cold in Downtown Fresno

Posted by Kim Leonard

This Friday, our five is entirely self serving- FYI.  All week long I’ve been in bed by 7:00, crankily watching Family Guy and Friends re-runs and drinking tea and then this morning I woke up with the entire left side of my throat on fire- up into my ears.  My ears!


Well, I’m the kind of jerk who still goes in to work when they’re probably contagious because I’m telling myself over and over “You’re not sick, don’t be such a baby!”  So I’m going to find 5 ways to fight off a cold in Downtown Fresno, for you, for me, for everyone.  You’re welcome.


1. Get some tea. Not only does hot tea feel so gooooood on a scratchy, fiery throat, if you get the right kind it can actually boost your immune system.  Teazer has some delicious green tea blends- many of their signature drinks even have citrus right in them for a vitamin C kick.  Raizana’s PureTea can help you detox the bad and support your immune system as well. If you need Raizana tea and it’s after hours at their shop you can always pop down to Peeve’s Local Market where they carry a full line of Raizana teas!


2. Arm yourself. CVS at the north end of the Fulton Mall has all of the cold meds you need, tissues, and all that jazz. You can also check out the many botanicas along the mall for herbal remedies. (Also, you can get awesome health food like Chia Seeds, too!)


3. Get some soup. Zest California Grill has a different soup on their menu every day and we all know how good a perfect soup can be when we feel icky.  We also really love the lentil soup over at Downtown Bistro.  SO GOOD.


4. Get a flu shot.  The Health Department is giving flu shots and they’re only $6, but no one will be turned away due to inability to pay.  Even if what you have is only a cold, thing about how much just a cold sucks and then multiply it by shakes, chills and the works.  You don’t want the flu.  Get a flu shot.


5.  Get out of Downtown and go to bed!  Do you wanna infect the rest of us?! No, but really, drink your fluids and get some sleep!  Downtown will still be here when you’re well.


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