The Fulton Shoes Experience

Posted by Tailar McCarns and Bianca Maglalang


Fulton shoes isn’t your average shoe store. It brings about a sense of uniqueness to the downtown Fresno community. Fulton Shoes provides an experience that will take you on a ride through history. The antiques and collectibles that are showcased are definitely a sight to see. There is everything from small figurines to antique telephones to classic paintings. Whether you are an antique collector or just looking for a vintage touch, Fulton Shoes has what you need. When we tell you Fulton Shoes will give you an experience we mean just that.


 What might initially bring you to Fulton Shoes are its signature handcrafted shoes by owner, Ralph Atikian. The handcrafted shoes by Atikian are yet another experience in itself. Atikian takes the measurements of each client’s foot and creates a custom fit. Not only will you receive a custom fit with Atikian’s sandals; but you also can create the design of the sandals too. Talk about one-of-a-kind! Each pair of sandals is made with genuine leather; good quality will last you a lifetime.


Once you step into Fulton Shoes, be sure to spend some time talking to Ralph. The warm-hearted cobbler always has memories and stories to share. With more than 45 years of experience, Atikian has started making shoes in his home country of Lebanon before calling Fresno his home. Ralph loves to spend time at the store working on sandals, repairs, and greeting customers.

Stop by Fulton Shoes and experience the unique flavor and charm. You never know what treasure or piece of history you will leave with.



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