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Jingle Hop

Today marks the beginning of the #JingleHop season. We’ll start this off with an explanation of what on Earth #JingleHop actually is.

Cole looking at local art at Art By Hand in the Water Tower at #JingleHop last year.

Last year Gretchen had this brilliant idea to get the word out about the holiday shopping possibilities in Downtown Fresno.   It started as a complete social media blitz where our office would empty out for the day and document every step along our “We get to call this work?!” path as we found a scarf for our dear auntie or Grizzlies season passes for our..well… ourselves.  It was fun, it involved ice skating and manicures and (shhhh) happy hour.  And shopping.  Duh, shopping.

A sampling of some of the goodies you can find at the Grizzlies Team Store, and Kim’s husband modeling.

We covered all of downtown last year- from the Water Tower to All Things Fresno and all the great spots in between.  It was actually an eye opener, even for us experienced downtowners, as to how much you could really find downtown.  

The great benefit, of course, is that when you shop downtown, more often than not you’re supporting a small mom-and-pop shop.  

Shopping small is all the rage these days- and for good reason.  The small shops have character, offer one of a kind items and the experience is completely different from walking into a department store.  

Pants at Passions Boutique

We had such  a great response last year and people expressed wanting to be part of #JingleHop, so this year we’re extending #Jinglehop through the entire shopping season.  No, that doesn’t mean we get to give up our desks and shop all day, every day (darn!) but instead we’re inviting you to join us in sharing the things you find downtown on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp with the hashtag #JingleHop.

Gift items at Arte Americas.

But what do you get out of it?  Well, if you’re talking free material stuff- nothing.  So why would you wanna participate?  

The Shops at the Warnors are always perfect for one-of-a-kind items.

When you share the things you’ve seen and discovered while shopping downtown you’re exposing your friends and family to businesses that they may have never heard of before.  This word of mouth advertising can be huge for a small business without a huge advertising budget.  In addition to giving a swell pair of earrings to your so-so sister with the attitude problem, you’re also giving exposure to the shop that you bought them from.  And if she’s on Twitter you can totally throw her off by taking a picture of a pair of sunglasses or a fabulous blouse.  No need to give away all of your secrets, now!

A celebratory glass of wine after a great first #JingleHop at Downtown Club.

Join us in #JingleHop this year, as you’re hanging out Downtown snap a photo and tell the world where you found it.  It’s not just shopping, it’s an act of love for your favorite small shops.  Watch our Facebook and Twitter today to see what we find as we #JingleHop from 12-4!  

Jingle Hop Biz flyer

To see our photo album of last year’s shenanigans, check out our Facebook.


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