Party Down in Downtown

Posted by Kim Leonard

That title is so misleading.  This post is actually about CartHop.

if you were there today, you’d know exactly what I meant.  If not, let me paint a picture for you.

First of all, you need to imagine DJ Mr. Leonard all set up and playing some great feel-good music.  I’ve provided some Earth Wind and Fire for you to play to help give the old imagination a jump start.  This is what was reverberating throughout Merced Plaza at Fulton this afternoon when I wandered through in search of grub.


That’s Mr. Leonard.  He sets the mood which transforms CartHop from just a bunch of food trucks in a row to an event.  It just feels fun to walk through.  I’d had a stressful morning and my “gonna snap any second” inhibitor was failing.  Then I ran to CartHop and lo and behold I was smiling and laughing and talking to strangers.


It wasn’t just me, everyone was enjoying the best fall day ever.  Check out the dancers!


These guys said “No table?  No Problem!” and found a dry fountain to inhabit.  While we don’t usually condone fountain squatting, this particular piece never has water and actually was never completed.  That pedestal that one lucky dude is using as his table never had the art installed that was supposed to be on display there back in the early days of the mall.


Lively conversation was happening at all of the tables.


And apparently it was “Wear your white shirt day” at Morton’s grill.


Just like these fine folks, I decided on Casa de Tamales for lunch.  I can’t get enough of their portabella asparagus flavor!  Yum!

CartHop is a weekly event at Merced and Fulton from 11:00-2:00.  You can even take your tasty treats into Peeve’s if you’d like.  Personally, I like to hang out in the great outdoors and enjoy the weekly party!


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