Thumbs Up Downtown- Meet the Buskers!

Posted by Kim Leonard

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Thumbs Up Downtown promises to be an interactive and fun adventure through the businesses in Downtown Fresno that will combine social media, smart phone technology and actually scrambling from one place to another all in one.

The idea was born one day when we all sat in a staff meeting trying to come up with ways to give a big social media boost to all of our businesses we work with.  We wanted it to be super fun and as beneficial to the participants as it was to the businesses so prizes were a must.


The more we worked through it, the more disbelief that we hadn’t thought of this sooner filled the room.  I mean, seriously.  You start at any participating location you want, scan the QR code and it enters you to be part of the grand prize- an iPad.  You also become eligible for all kinds of other prizes that will be awarded throughout the 6 hour event ranging from a $50 gift certificate to Joe’s Steakhouse to a test drive at Haron Jaguar.  As you buzz from business to business you’ll be delighted to find craft stations, cornhole, chalk and my personal favorite piece of the puzzle- Buskers.

In Fresno we’re not as familiar with busking as people from other cities might be.  Maybe we get it foolishly mixed up with panhandling or we just don’t know how to appreciate street artists the way we should.  So in my mind, Thumbs Up is also a way of training Fresno to open their minds to the fine art of busking.

If you’re reading this and saying “well, heck.  i still have no clue what that is”,  I’ll be kind.  I didn’t know that “busking” was a word either until a few years ago.  Busking is public performance, usually for tips.  So when you go to all of those huge cities and see the colorful, brilliant and delightful performers lining the streets and you applaud their violin solo or silver-painted-interpretive-dance you’re enjoying busking.  And yeah, we’ll have buskers all up and down the Thumbs Up trail!

The buskers will even have QR codes for your scanning pleasure, which ends up benefiting them in the end too- the busker with the most scans will win a prize!  I wanted to give you all a head start, though, and introduce you to our buskers for Saturday.  That way you can go armed and ready to scan the codes of your favorites with your smart phone or drop some cash in their tip jars!

Meet Dovves:

Meet Salty Cheeks:

Meet Mr. Before Dawn

Meet Anthony Polanco

Meet Phoebe Munoz- I Kill Cameron

Such talent!  The buskers alone are worth coming out to the event for, but I recommend you play along.  You can register here, or sign up the day of the event at any participating location!  For a full list of locations, click here!


Thumbs Up Downtown is Saturday October 19th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM all throughout Downtown Fresno!


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