Tea Time in Downtown Fresno

Posted by Kim Schoelen

A cup of Happy Tea and a cute little Deep Tea Diver tea infuser, also available through Raizana.

Raizana has been a little blip on my radar for a few years, but honestly I’d never had a chance to look much further than “Oooh, I like their website.  Cute logo!”  and that was it.  I like tea a lot, so I’d think about ordering from them at weird moments- in the dentist’s chair, while driving, you know- all of those times when actually acting on that impulse was impossible.  And then my life changed for the better- Raizana Teas moved downtown.

The Marquee at Warnor’s Theatre, proudly proclaiming the Tea goodness.

Located in the historic Warnor’s Theatre Complex, Raizana is in good company with neighbors like Misc. and Modern Farm, making the shops on Tuolumne a fun destination.

When I dropped by last week, the tea of the day was Happy tea. You can stop in any time during business hours to taste test whatever blend they have brewing!

So what makes Raizana special?  Raizana is a loose-leaf tea company that specializes in tea blends that offer natural remedies as well as delicious flavor.  Even though Raizana is new to their space in Downtown, they’re not new to the tea scene.  Sol and Pablo have been creating their tea concoctions since 2009 using a commercial kitchen to fulfill online orders from their website, Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

Pablo, showing off their impressive lineup of teas.

With their lineup of eight different teas, Raizana has become a familiar face at downtown events.  You can find them at the Market on Kern every week and you’ll be able to get your tea fix at Fiestas Patrias this weekend as well.  They are also open every Art Hop for tea tasting, which fits in as a natural stop between the big to-do that always happens at K-Jewel, the amazing free Warnor’s tours and the consistently great artists at Misc.  Make sure you plan them into your hop on October 3rd.   They also will be in Livingston for the Sweet Potato Festival on September 21st.  Their tea-vangelism knows no bounds!

Super adorable Raizana teacups and fun infusers like “Mr. Tea”, a hot tub lounging dude which you can fill with loose leaf tea are available as well.

All but two teas are caffeine free- Chai-teas-faction has caffeine, and helps curb hunger and boost metabolism and Happy Tea, a blend to combat that little black raincloud that you may have following you around.  It works, too- FYI.  Some days I don’t have my spunk and a cup of this blend that is sweet, tropical and rosy in color is just enough to boost my mood.

This was reposted on Raizana’s Instagram form my own. Yeah, I know. Our invites are super cool, and made by the same artist who brought “Fresno Cats” into the world.

I was dreading the monumental task of addressing wedding invitations (SO MUCH WRITING…UGHHHHH) and my pretty little cup of Happy Tea was just enough to make the task actually pleasant.  (You can follow @raizanatea on instagram to keep up with their adventures, by the by.)

A display of Fluidi-Tea, ready to be taken home.

Other varie-teas (I couldn’t resist) include:

Diabe-Tea which helps manage elevated blood glucose levels

Fluidi-Tea for urinary tracts and prostate woes

TranquiliTea which does exactly what it claims.  Or as my cousin said after I gave her some to try: “This tea. Is. Amazing. So soothing! And you don’t have to add anything and it tastes perfect!”  Bam.

Pure-Tea, a remedy for gallstones and liver detox.  Plus it offers a boost to the immune system.  We all could use that!

DigestTea is gentle enough for kids and helps with all kinds of tummy aches

Sleepy Tea, which helps with sleeplessness and insomnia.  And looks just seriously gorgeous in the loose leaf.

I’m a sucker for cute chalk art. Little teacups!

If you’re convinced you need more Raizana in your life, we can make that happen!  Raizana has graciously offered 20% off your online purchase and $1 shipping within Fresno to our readers, just use the promo code DFPteatime when you check out!

We’re so excited to have such tea-riffic new neighbors in Downtown.  Stop by for a tea tasting this week and say “Hi” to Sol and Pablo!


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