Restaurant of the Week: La Torta

Posted by DFP Staff


After a staff meeting that was shifted around to accommodate an insanely busy day on everyone’s part, we were starving.  Plus we’d been discussing food at Sudz in the City and Thumbs Up Downtown and a lot of food came up there too.  It was cruel.  We could hear each other’s tummies rumbling and then we’d blame it on the leather upholstery on the conference room chairs.  So when everything ended we practically linked arms and “Off-to-see-the-wizard”-ed off down Kern toward the La Torta in the Galleria.


We were so hungry that we had claw-hands reaching for the chips and salsa.  Which were awesome.


Kim’s veggie taquitos, no cheese, no sour cream.


Gretchen’s Chicken Flautas.


Steve’s Shredded Beef Burrito and Chicken Enchilada. Outstandingly tasty.

And now for a fun game of match the ugly “after” plate with the tasty “before” shot.




Seriously, nothing is weirder or more misleading than Mexican food after-plates.  We’ll be kind and leave you with a shot of Rocio’s Adobada Torta that we grabbed to-go for her.


Now you’re back to hungry again.   Head on down to create your own ugly “after” plate with their incredible menu!

2405 Capitol St, Fresno, CA 93721
Telephone: 559-457-0870


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