Restaurant of the Week: Revive Cafe

Posted by DFP Staff


The office was split pretty fairly in half when it came to who had already been to Revive Cafe and who hadn’t.  Rich, Steve and Rocio had never been.  Kim, Cole and Gretchen know Revive well.  Kim’s even the Mayor on Foursquare.  Revive is a raw, vegan cafe located at 1807 Broadway in the Vagabond Lofts.


But, like, it’s way more than that.  Revive doesn’t just want to feed you, they’re totally into making sure you are able to live healthfully on your own too.  The walls are covered in tips, tricks and facts about vegetables.  They offer cooking classes and between this location and their other spot Organic Fresno on Parkway between Belmont and Olive you can even shop for organic, local items.  This isn’t just them making a living, they’re making sure their customers are living well. And yeah, the food is pretty amazing.


Their menu changes daily, smoothies and treats are available all the time and it can be one of the hardest choices ever.  It’s like having to choose your favorite child (or pet).  Actually, harder.  Admit you, you totally have a favorite.

Here’s what we (finally) decided on today.


Richard had the corn tacos.  That’s peach tomato salsa on top of beans, onions and peppers and as an omnivore he was surprised by how great a vegan meal could be.


Cole and Gretchen ordered the Summer Salad.  Cashew cream is now Gretchen’s new favorite thing.


Kim and Rocio ordered the Lentil Garden Veggie soup.  Protein packed lentils meant that a single bowl of soup was really filling!


Steve ordered a Chocolate Bliss smoothie…


…that was so yummy it inspired Rocio and Cole to order smoothies too!

Revive is a great spot to head to if you’re dining with people who have dietary restrictions.  In addition to being vegan, many of their options are Gluten Free as well but can still make the meatiest of eaters happy.  Everyone wins! (including the planet, the animals, your cardiovascular health blah blah blah vegetarian soapbox.)


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