Restaurant of the Week: Antojitos

Posted by DFP Staff


The thing about Antojitos is that it’s not like we just discovered this spot today.  When it popped up on our calendars as the restaurant of the week everyone quickly confirmed that they were, absolutely, without a doubt, in.

Last week we hit up unassuming Zamora’s Taqueria, and keeping with the trend of hole-in-the-wall out-of-this-world Mexican food, Antojitos was a perfect encore.

First of all, we’re all addicts.  It’s hard to say Antojitos in our office without a Pavlovian response.  Drool city, folks.

Second, they’re pretty awesome- they do a great job of knowing what’s happening in Downtown and extending their hours appropriately.  They were open until Midnight for the Catacomb Party.  My mom was able to order party trays for a much larger group that showed up to FBC for my dad’s birthday.  Antojitos gets it.

Third, did we mention how good the food is?  If you couldn’t infer that from “Drool City”, let us show you the way, the light, the salsa.


Kim’s Papa Taquitos.  Potato-ey goodness. The salsa is to die for.


Rich had been in earlier in the week and had seen the owner, Armondo, eating a torta.  He asked for whatever that was because it looked delicious.antojitos05

…and it was.  (And if you want to order it, Torta Cubana. You’re welcome)


Steve enjoyed Fish Tacos by the warm glow of the I Believe in Downtown Fresno sign in the Antojitos window.


Mitch had asada tacos, which were excellent, as always.  Like I said, we’re regulars.


Rocio, however, had the most amazing piece of art ever to be called a Torta.  All hail the mighty Pambazo. This thing was massive, covered in sauce, filled with potatoes and beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream. It was truly a masterpiece.

If you want some of this good stuff head on down to 1234 Fulton Mall.


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